The Warder Application Contest

Many moons ago, Hawk posted:

Well, after having three tests and three papers due this past week, I was finally able to get around to choosing my Warder. However, to my dismay, I discovered that I'd have to be a Green! (Who really wants all those males around anyway? *grin* ) I received so many good applications, that I decided that I'd have to become a member of the Green Ajah, have four Warders, and go on quests like the Blues do. Oh, yeah, and learn Aiel fighting so that I'll be ready to kick a## at the Last Battle.

The first place winner wins the short sword and a meal by me if he's ever in D.C. or Harrisburg when I'm there(if he thinks he could stand my cooking, hehehe). Second and third place winners (yes, there was a tie) win a homecooked meal by me also.

Since I am Green and can have as many Warders as I want, if anybody wants to be my Warder without having to deal with my cooking, let me know! ;)

I have to say that I enjoyed reading all the applications. Thanks to all who applied.

She received 12 applications and posted them to the newsgroup. I've converted them to HTML format and stored them here.

Applications from...

  1. Roy Navarre
  2. Nathan Hendrix
  3. Paul
  4. Brad Smith
  5. Craig Levin
  6. Roderick Easton
  7. Chad "OilCan" Orzel
  8. Joe "Uno" Shaw
  9. Joel McAllister (Third Place)
  10. Russ Ennis (Second Place, Tie)
  11. Josh "Grif" Hall (Second Place, Tie)
  12. Bill Garrett (First Place)

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Bill Garrett