Application #1: Roy Navarre

Even though Roy got his to me a day late, I just had to accept it. I've heard so much about him, and I needed something with lots of sex in it!

1. Why do you want to be a Warder?

To protect vulnerable little wenches.

2. Why do you want to be my Warder?

Passionate sex. To keep the creeps away from you. :)

3. Have you ever previously been a Warder?

Um......yes *blush*

4. Do you own a sword?

A great big giant one. (I know how to use it too *wink)

5. Do you own a color-shifting cape (NOTE: I will not supply this, you must find one on your own!)?

No, I dont do drugs.

6. What is your favorite color?

On me? Blue. On you? Pink.

7. Do you believe that the person you are bonded to should be obeyed in every and all ways?

Absolutely! The person I'm bonded to should obey me in _every_ way.

8. Write an essay on what being a Warder means to you. This essay must be 1500 words or less.

I've always wanted an Aes Sedai to call my own. Through her I could experience just a touch of the bliss Lanfear could bring me. I've thought of dozens of very novel and unorthodox uses of the one power....... Trust me.

First we could play around with this body changing thing and we could discover what pleases me more--you as a blonde,brunette,redhead etc. Then, when we arent in bed, we can travel around stomping on evil people and watching basketball games. We will use your one power to control the basketball and make sure Orlando wins the NBA championship. We will make tons of money from betting on the outcome. We will spend our fortune on ourselves and also doing occasional good deeds.

Later, we can take over Clintons mind and ultimately control the world. I think we should fly over to Bosnia on our private lovejet and kick a little a*s. Together, we could create the greatest of ages--legends that will never fade.

(ps. if lanfear shows up all bets are off)

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