I created this page because I couldn't think of any better way to include a few, assorted items that didn't fit into one of my other categories. I didn't feel that any of these deserved a top-level page of its own, so here's a menagerie.

Hawk says that I should call this "The Hawk Page" since, well, everything here is about Hawk.

Hawk's Warder Application Contest

In April 1994 Hawk decided to bond a warder and posted a request for applications on the newsgroup. I've created a set of HTML pages about the Warder Applications she got.

(The warder apps aren't new; they've been available through my Humor page for the past few months. I decided that Humor wasn't necessarily the best category for them.)

Now the Fires of Heaven Fall!!

It was part fan-fiction, part stress relief, part serial comedy, and part love letter. Put on your shades, pick some good traveling music, and get ready to cruise down the little-know backroads and dark alleys of the Information Highway.

Now the Fires of Heaven Fall has been moved to a new page and reorganized.

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