Application #3: Paul

1. Why do you want to be a Warder?

Well, I heard the hours were good (compared to being an RA), and the shouting sounds like fun. But mostly it's just a matter of upholding Truth, Justice, and the RandLandian Way.

2. Why do you want to be my Warder? As we haven't met, I'm taking it on faith that good enough for GWU is good enough for me. Besides, I'd get to see my sister in Annapolis more often.

3. Have you ever previously been a Warder?

Nope. Been an RA for three years though, and an EMT.

4. Do you own a sword?

Two. No heron-marks, though.

5. Do you own a color-shifting cape (NOTE: I will not supply this, you must find one on your own!)?

Alas, no. But my mom's knitting me this sweater...

6. What is your favorite color?

Honestly? Tie, grey and brown. But I'm flexible.

7. Do you believe that the person you are bonded to should be obeyed in every and all ways?

I have nine older sisters. What do _you_ think?

8. Write an essay on what being a Warder means to you. This essay must be 1500 words or less.

Well, I was born too late to be a privateer with Drake, or fight with the Swamp Fox, or get knighted and be a Templar. I've always had that big-brother complex, despite being the youngest. I tend to be the protective type.

But that dodges the question. Being a warder is about being willing to dedicate your life to a cause. I'm conservative; that doesn't come easy to me. But dedication does. (Between that and my beard, pudginess and big brown eyes, every girlfriend has independently come up with the nickname 'bear.') It's easy to dedicate yourself to an abstract ideal; it's a big extra step to laying your life on the line for a person. I'm willing, able, and hey, I'm a darned good cook.

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