Application #4: Brad Smith

1. Why do you want to be a Warder?

Well, seeing's how I don't have any good job prospects at this time, I figure I might as well guard some poor Aes Sedai and kill Trollocs until something better comes up.

2. Why do you want to be my Warder?

You're hiring. In fact, you're the only one hiring.

3. Have you ever previously been a Warder?

Yes. Two Aes Sedai (One Blue, one Brown) shared me for approximately a year. However, I was released from my bond due to distance constraints.

4. Do you own a sword?

No, but I'd like a scimitar.

5. Do you own a color-shifting cape (NOTE: I will not supply this, you must find one on your own!)?

No, but I can go to the nearest Warder Supply Depot (TM) and pick one up upon my bonding.

6. What is your favorite color?


7. Do you believe that the person you are bonded to should be obeyed in every and all ways?

Yes. Just so long as they don't cause me personal pain and suffering.

8. Write an essay on what being a Warder means to you. This essay must be 1500 words or less.

When I think the word Warder, I think of a big tough guy with a Big Sword who follows an Aes Sedai around and protects her from all physical dangers. It also means being able to toast Trollocs, Myrddraal, and Draghkar with impunity. It means loyalty, honor, courage, and never having to say you're sorry when you behead a Shadowspawn. That's what being a Warder means to me.

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