Application #7: Chad "Oilcan" Orzel

1. Why do you want to be a Warder?

Let's see: you get to wear that cool cloak, you get OP-based steroids (run farther, fight longer than most people, etc.), and basically, I've always wanted to kick ass for a living...

And the Aiel aren't hiring.

2. Why do you want to be my Warder?

*shrug* I was hoping for some nice, Green Ajah super-model. But you'll do. Thunder Road, y'know...

3. Have you ever previously been a Warder?

Well, I worked as a bouncer for a while, once. Does that count?

4. Do you own a sword?

{several Mike Macchione-style comments caught by the self-censor...}

I could get one...

5. Do you own a color-shifting cape (NOTE: I will not supply this, you must find one on your own!)?

Well, I got this green jacket, but sometimes it's different colors, like the time I was painting the house and...

6. What is your favorite color?


7. Do you believe that the person you are bonded to should be obeyed in every and all ways?

Is this a trick question? Am I supposed to point out the grammar error in question or something?

8. Write an essay on what being a Warder means to you. This essay must be 1500 words or less.

Free chow. I have fourteen hundred and ninety-eight words left.

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