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If I had a real home page, it would be here.

In the meantime, it might be worth mentioning that I'm a recovering sysadmin, working with Linux, WANs/LANs, and sundry network servers in the San Francisco Bay Area. . .

. . .WINOLJ-OOW2.0C (Who Is Not On LiveJournal — Or Other Web 2.0 Cults).

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Where? Here!

I don't guarantee that either my links or my Rants page will be of interest, but some people like to be able to find them.

Where to Find It:

Scandinavian? Interested in Scandinavian events, businesses, and cultural institutions? Norwegian propaganda here.

All my lecture notes, essays, and net information pieces have now been merged into my PerlHoo-based Linuxmafia Knowledgebase. (Some misc. picture files, and sundry unclassified Linux information files remain to HTMLise and catalogue.)

If you're still interested in Windows Refund Day, please read my interview by IT journalist Sam Varghese in The Age (Melbourne, Australia) and Sydney Morning Herald (local mirror).

"Litigious"? A member of the Linux community — a person whom I've never met and apparently knows me only from his online advocacy of Prof. Daniel J. Bernstein's software — in 2001 launched a rumour (on a user group mailing list 4500 km from me) that I'm lawsuit-happy. Here's my refutation of that claim, and my request that he please not do that again.

In Feb. 2005, an ex-Director of BayLISA made a similar charge, claiming on two public mailing lists that I (a BayLISA director and officer) had threatened litigation against our group. He was likewise profoundly mistaken.

I'm proud to be a feminist. Yes, I am. (Hint: equity feminism.)

Women's rights, particularly reproductive rights, are under attack and need our support. Your first step is to be informed, and I recommend as sources of information Rewire News Group, Reproductive Equity Now, Rewire News Group Senior Law & Policy Editor Imani Gandy, Rewire News Group Executive Editor & SVP Jessica Mason Pieklo, Mini Timmaraju, Renee Bracey Sherman, and former USSC clerk & law professor Courtney Milan.

Since Friday, Sept. 22, 2000, I have been happily married.

I was a longtime volunteer editor and author for the monthly magazine Linux Gazette, but now apparently am obliged to wait for new management.

There are hot springs both nearby and less-nearby.

Popular pieces of mine:

I'm co-author (with Eric S. Raymond) of How to Ask Questions the Smart Way.

I've been known to write humourous songs ("filk") from time to time to time again. (The first link is "The Naming of Cons" -- the second is "Modern SCO Executive" aka "Pirates of Penguinance", the latter ditty co-written with Karsten M. Self. The third I wrote about the 2015 Sad Puppies 3 contretemps.)

Cherish the irony of DeCSS.

My Notes on Upgrading to Linux 2.2 are here (of historical interest, only).

Some archived Web pages (saved from oblivion):

Obligatory boring crypto stuff:

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