Household Information for 1105 Altschul Avenue


Emergency Contacts

Fire / paramedic emergencies:

Menlo Park Fire Protection District: 911 (non-cellular) or (650) 688-8400.

Police emergencies:

Poison Help (California Poison Control System): (800) 222-1222.
Animal Control (Peninsula Humane Society): (650) 340-8200.

Utilities urgent matters:

Street Sweeping: As of Dec. 2015, occurs 1st Thursdays & 3rd Thursdays.

For context: We are not inside the Menlo Park city limits, but many of our neighbours are. (1105 Altschul Avenue is on a strip of unincorporated county land called variously West Menlo Park or "University Heights".)

Wildfires / Air Quality Information (AQI): (link)

We are in CAL FIRE (California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection) evacuation zone MP-E001, serviced by CAL FIRE's CZU (San Mateo Co. / Santa Cruz Co.) Administrative Unit (map).

DIY Air Filtering: (link)

During a woodsmoke emergency such as the S.F. Bay Area had in August and September 2020, stay indoors as much as possible, drink water, consider wearing N95 or better filter masks (especially when outdoors), and possibly seal openings around windows and doors. But a DIY filter for interior air that you put together with a common 20" box fan, scrap cardboard, duct tape, and 20"x20" air filters rated MERV 13 or better will also help greatly. Stock up on air filters before wildfire season, as they will sell out.

I hear persistent rumours that the best air filters for this purpose are 3M's "Filtrete 1900" (rated MPR 1900, equivalent to MERV 13) ones, any size as long as one side is 20", and you can use 20"x30" ones to construct a tall rectangular rather than square box (or, say, 20"x14" ones, if you prefer a short rectangular one). Among other places, Lowe's has them, plus online retailers.

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