Household Information for 1105 Altschul Avenue


Emergency Contacts

Fire / paramedic emergencies:

Menlo Park Fire Protection District: 911 (non-cellular) or (650) 688-8400.

Police emergencies:

Poison Help (California Poison Control System): (800) 222-1222.
Animal Control (Peninsula Humane Society): (650) 340-8200.

Utilities urgent matters:

Street Sweeping: As of Dec. 2015, occurs 1st Thursdays & 3rd Thursdays.

For context: We are not inside the Menlo Park city limits, but many of our neighbours are. (1105 Altschul Avenue is on a strip of unincorporated county land called variously West Menlo Park or "University Heights".)

Wildfires / Air Quality Information (AQI): (link)

We are in CAL FIRE (California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection) evacuation zone MP-E001, serviced by CAL FIRE's CZU (San Mateo / Santa Cruz) Administrative Unit (map).

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