Problem: Preprinted cheques available through banks (almost always fed by the banks to Deluxe Corporation) seem suspiciously like sweetheart contracts and customer rip-offs, so it seems natural to see if one can do better by ordering independently. (I did not get around to reseaching whether these firms differ greatly in shipping fees.)

Rock-bottom price levels achievable might be estimated via those offered (only) to Costco members by H.B.F.: at October 2006, $18.30 ($2.29/hundred) for four 200-cheque boxes, $9.15 for two 200-cheque boxes.

Prices quoted below are for the apparently plainest designs (often "Blue Safety Checks"), and attempt to reflect non-sale pricing. Special and introductory offers are noted but not included in calculations. Except if indicated otherwise, prices are as observed in October 2006.