Problem: Preprinted cheques available through banks (almost always outsourced by the banks to Deluxe Corporation, who owns the majority of US cheque-printing) seem suspiciously like sweetheart contracts and customer rip-offs, so it seems natural to see if one can do better by ordering independently. (I did not get around to reseaching whether these firms differ greatly in shipping fees.)

Rock-bottom price levels achievable might be estimated via those offered (only) to members of Costco and Sam's Club. Best non-member price found at this date (Feb. 2022) is via CheckWorks, Inc. and Walmart Checks

Prices quoted below are for the apparently plainest designs (often "Blue Safety Checks"), attempt to reflect non-sale pricing, and are the highest-value quantify offered. Special and introductory offers are noted but not included in calculations. Promo codes / coupons are widely bandied about, and work searching for. Note free shipping from some vendors and not others. Be wary of projected delivery times, which differ widely.

Many banks / some credit unions waive printing fees when you order through them, so that's worth inquiring about. (But, honestly, if your bank is underwriting the printing costs and shipping, make sure you aren't getting robbed blind by fees and poor interest rates elsewhere in your banking relationship. There's no free lunch.)

Optional security features possibly worth looking for include visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, heat-sensitive or thermochromic ink, chemically sensitive paper, holograms, watermarks, and hologram foil bars.