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OK, you've found me. Insert standard disclaimers -- I've got a full part-time day job, which leaves my dance card open for part time consulting, training, and related gigs (resume) and this is just something I'm starting out doing haphazardly, under construction and highly subject to change, as an "evolving situation".

Who am I?

Programmer, systems/network administrator, freelance tech writer, Free Software advocate, and general technology wonk. I frequently post to discussions on GNU/Linux; Debian; copyright, patent, trademark, and licensing; data processing and analysis; online rights and privacy issues; and related topics. I'm interested in and work on collaborative discussion topics including email, Usenet, weblogs, Wikis, spam, and filtering methods. I've designed, deployed, documented, or contributed to several of these, with more work in process.

What I've Been Doing Lately

Stuff ;-)

Stuff I've done...

Running a computer lab at a youth center, which I apparently couldn't do without ending up in The New York Times. (It's about Adware, from 2001, some more thoughts on the subject in Spyware, Adware, Windows, GNU/Linux, and Software Culture.)

I used to actively fight and track spam, and report spam statistics. (It got better). Now mostly historical: I found that ASNs (autonomous system numbers) and CIDRs are highly useful for aggregating spam activity. This is covered in more depth in my paper "CIDR House Rules" (PDF).

If you want to add an X-ASN header to your mail via a procmail rule, I've created the following recipie, procmail-asn-header. Bayesian classifiers such as SpamAssassin and other should pick this up and start classifying ASNs by spamminess, automatically.

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