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Short answer: send me an email.

Contact -- the long answer....

If you don't want to reveal your identity (or substantiate your credibility), use a throwaway web account from an Internet cafe, an anonymous remailer such as Mixmaster, proxy through a friend, or leave a note in an apple juice carton at the third tree from the fence by the sign of the crazy cat. I don't respond to "pay to retrieve" word-of-mouth services, challenge-response messages, or other e-nuisances. My spam filtering is effective, and accurate, enough that I'll see your mail if it's legit, and in a non-Asian characterset.

I strongly encourage GPG/PGP signed and/or encrypted mail.

Bounces, virus warnings, challenge-response requests, and the like, will be reported to spam-reporting services, and the sources treated as spamming addresses. If you use a virus filter, PLEASE disable the auto-response feature of your system.

I've got a standard rant on AV / bounce spam which gets sent to sites generating same. You're welcome to use it.

I report spam aggressively and publically. Don't give me cause to do so.

If you're family, a good friend, a paying client, or have a sincere interest in becoming any of the above and could putatively put reasonable odds on same, you may reach me by cell at 650 815-9730.

If you're really desperate to find out what's on my mind, I've been thinking pure thoughts.

mail: karsten@linuxmafia.com
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