[sf-lug] LUG meeting of September 5, 2021

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Tue Sep 7 12:24:40 PDT 2021

Hi LUGers,

     Well that was the best Labor Day Weekend SF-LUG meeting
I can remember.

        I was a bit out of sorts due to a problem with
my E6540 so I have switched over to the 7450.  A bit slower
with a heavy load but I was missing a lot of the smarmy remarks
that I have on file and some will have to be reconstructed as
I filed them mostly in the Clipboard.  Anyhow I tried to back up
the  /home to a hard disk on Saturday which took from about noon
to midnight.  I thought that I was done but when I looked the
next day the material was not there.
     So I wiped a previous backup from a 256 GB Flash
Drive and then backed up /home again, took another night and I
had to help it finish up this morning.

     But enough of my silly problems.
     I forgot to make notes but in attendance were myself,
Bobbie S., Tom, Aaron C. by phone, Wayne from the Santa Cruz
area club, Ken S and Michael P. working on updating the
sites it seems.
     John S. showed up late by phone as well I believe.

     My notes were out of reach so I could not tell them much
about the news of Linux.  Only thing I could remember is that
Linux kernel 5.14.1 has been released and one of my PCLinux
Forum members went ahead and compiled it.  It does contain
some fixes for problems with the AMD Ryzen processors which
is why he went to the trouble as he was using such a cpu.

     Tom though did a show and tell with his miniature server.
The bright red color is quite eye-catching.  So are the dual
Ethernet ports and the internals sounded quite nice but I
am not sure of my data in that regard and Tom can tell us
about it.  It looks smaller than the Mac Mini and the Intel NUC
and uses ARM 64 I believe.

     Ken seemed be having a very noisy audio but he eventually
fixed it.  He left to return to real life about 12:30

     I totally forgot to tell them that Joseph Puig had recently
contacted me for bootable media which I was able to supply.
I hope he was able to take care of the install.

Finnix 123 server release out. Smaller than a CD but
that is for server administrators.  You can get release
notes from here or Distowatch.com if you have any interest

     Next meeting will be the first Sunday of October the
third day of the month.  I am going to say that it will
depend on the Covid-19 situation whether or not we
return to the Cafe or confine ourselves to video chat.

     I recovered most of my system but got a lot of
email that covered August and earlier months.  I haven't
finished my reinstall but I got the disk erased.

     Talk to/at you all more later in September.

     Any shortcomings of these notes are due to my problems
and I hope that everyone who showed up will correct my misapprehensions
and confusions.

     Hope to see more of us one way or another on Sunday October 3, 2021
from 11 AM to 1 PM.

     Bobbie Sellers

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