[sf-lug] Notes on the SF-LUG meeting of August 1, 2021

Tom Turner seameadowlake at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 13:52:13 PDT 2021

Thanks for the excellent report/update, and for all the work. Hope you and
all remain healthy.
Tom T

On Wed, Aug 4, 2021, 12:04 PM Bobbie Sellers <bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com>

> Hi LUGers,
>      Sorry I could not get this out earlier but the exertion was too
> much for me.
>      I had to rest all day Monday and should have rested yesterday but
> food called me...
>      So I got to the meeting place at Cafe Enchante and setup at the
> table in the
> alcove where we used to see  two or three PC connected to land lines.
> The PCs
> have been removed and the ethernet connectors are still in the wall.
>      I got my tablet with the digital copies of the Linux Pro magazine
> for the last
> year or so set up.  I setup my newer Dell Latitude E7450 and was ready to
> go
> but before I could finish that John S showed up and settled in.
>      Tom showed up next.
>      We got online to Jitsi and Ken was there already.  Then Dwayne from
> San Crux
> vicinity logged on as well.  Finally Aaron C came online.
>      John downloaded and booted up Linux Mint 20.2 in Cinnamon and it
> looked
> very nice on his Dell E6420.  At least I think that was what he was using.
>      The alcove has a music speaker in it high in one corner and the
> background
> was not conducive to discussion.
>      John and Tom took off early.  The noise level I think was
> discouraging.
>      I left at  1231 because a live singer started singing religious
> songs at a very high
> volume in Latin I believe.
>      Personally I don't know if I can do this again.  I don't think that
> Cafe Enchante will
> work for meetings on Sunday between 11 AM and 1 PM.  At least not until
> the Pandemic
> is fully resolved.
>      Covid-19 Delta variant is bad and has provoked the return of indoor
> masking.
>      In case you had missed the constant flood of repetitive information
> about Delta
> fully vaccinated people can be infected and infect other people because
> they may
> have no symptoms but a very high viral load in their noses and throats.
>      Remember how easy it is to spread chicken pox?  Delta variant is
> just as infectious.
>      I am not happy suggesting that we return to our jit.si meeting
> exclusively but that
> is what I am doing.
>      The next meeting wll be on September 5th from 11 am-1 pm.   If the
> Covid precautions
> lighten maybe we can have an in-person meeting.  If we have to be masked
> then I think
> that we should go back to video meetings.
>      If I missed anything interesting the people who showed by video or
> in person up can
> let us know.
>      Oh yes I added the latest versions of GPartEd to the Library as well
> as
> All the updates to the version of PCLinuxOS 64,  latest is 2021.08.
>      4MLinux-37.0-64bit
>      haiku-r1beta3-x86_64-anyboot.iso
>      linuxmint-20.2-xfce-64bit.iso
>      I have the latest Linux Pro digital version and if you love paper
> you can get a
> recent issue at the Fog City News along with expensive chocolate to
> soothe the
> chocolate hunger of a significant other or spouse.
>      Bobbie Sellers -  How do they get the hurricanes to arrive in
> alphabetical order?...
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