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James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 13:09:28 PDT 2012

> On 08/18/2012 01:13 PM, James Sundquist wrote:
> > laptops with a guid partition table
>      Use that phrase searching from Google and you will
> find a lot of entries.
>      Bobbie Sellers

I'm definitely hoping to get some insight from someone on the list who uses
GUID.  I'm currently running a GUID partition scheme and have googled it
extensively; Loving how it can handle partition tables beyond the limits of
MBR.  If I wasn't clear, I'm interested in hearing from others on the list
who are using a GUID partition scheme or a combination of MBR, GPT, and
Grub2 or Syslinux.

I've had no problem running MBR with multiple operating systems in the
past, but that is no longer my setup.
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