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Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Aug 19 16:04:25 PDT 2012

On 08/19/2012 01:09 PM, James Sundquist wrote:
>     On 08/18/2012 01:13 PM, James Sundquist wrote:
>     > laptops with a guid partition table
>          Use that phrase searching from Google and you will
>     find a lot of entries.
>          Bobbie Sellers
> I'm definitely hoping to get some insight from someone on the list who 
> uses GUID.  I'm currently running a GUID partition scheme and have 
> googled it extensively; Loving how it can handle partition tables 
> beyond the limits of MBR.  If I wasn't clear, I'm interested in 
> hearing from others on the list who are using a GUID partition scheme 
> or a combination of MBR, GPT, and Grub2 or Syslinux.
> I've had no problem running MBR with multiple operating systems in the 
> past, but that is no longer my setup.

     Checked some of the results  from that search that might fall 
within your
parameters.   GUID does not permit logical partitions since MS decided that
128 partitions should be enough apparently from some of what I read.

     Bobbie Sellers

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