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2008/1/14 Kami Griffiths <kgriffiths at compumentor.org>:

>  SF Connect, the organization that hosted the Tenderloin Tech Support Day,
> would like to hold the event again and is looking for feedback from the
> Linux volunteers. Can those of you who were involved email me with your
> feedback? Here are some questions you can use:
> -          Did you feel useful?
Yes, thank you for the opportunity to help others.  We got several people
hooked up with operating systems on hardware that failed under the Redmond

> -          What do you think would be useful for future events?
We did have a number of people come through, and then they just left.  I
think that it would be useful to have people sign up for the SF-LUG list
right there on the scene, because otherwise we have no way of integrating
them, and they might just be left flapping in the breeze.  I would suggest
that we ask them to sign up for the list then and there, and that we
practice emailing with them during the session so that they know that they
can get support and so that they practice getting support.  If they don't
develop the habits of coming to the list for help, they won't seek help, but
will just flounder.

As a relatively simple end user myself, I recall the feeling of helplessness
that I had as a Windows user.  I felt that it was just me and this massive
uncaring monopoly (Microsoft) and I knew that I either had to pay $25.00 per
hour for tech support, or I had to just deal with the problem myself.  So I
just let stuff go, because computers seemed like a black hole for money.
People should know that is no longer the case.  They don't have to be
frustrated and alone.

I was concerned that people might think that we were selling them snake oil
or that we were a cult if we asked them to sign up for a mailing list, but
now I think that we can present it so that it is really easy for them to
quit the list.  If the get the idea that someone will get back to them right
away, that would be awesome.  And, of course, that is true.  Turn around
time on the list is really quite good.

> -          What would you want to do differently at future events?
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