[sf-lug] the box is in

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sun May 28 18:21:59 PDT 2006

    I dropped a box off at Javacat. It's a Whitebox
OS, pretty much everything installed, running
sshd and httpd. It's got ruby, python, php, perl,
cc, cpp, and bash. I'm pretty sure it's Whitebox
4 not 3, but that shouldn't matter for RHCT/E
studying or learning bash or httpd or....
    Anybody on the sf-lug mail list is welcome
to play on it just as soon as Bugdon (probably
not correct) plugs it in (ETA 5:00 today, 5/28).
    You go to Javacat with your wifi-able laptop.
Use a ssh client to connect to;
log in as a user named grumpy, but you'll have
to know the password--ask. You can su to root
user, but please don't change the password
and don't delete files in the /root directory (ask
for the root password).
    Rich Moen gave great advice for hardening
the box pre-deployment. I followed none of it,
partly lack of time, partly only sf-lug people will
know it's there, partly hey! let it break, that's
part of the learning linux experience we'll be
able to share so richly.
    The box is there to learn on, don't worry
about breaking things.

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