[sf-lug] RHCT/E study group

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat May 27 07:15:37 PDT 2006

    The idea for the RHCT/E (RedHat Certified Technician/
Engineer) study group needs some finishing up:

* do we use the same book? yes or no. my vote is to try
but not require.

* I plan to create a curriculum that follows the test.
1) Grub: especially learn how to get in to a broken box
in Single user mode, also learn how to make menus
2) install: learn how to create specified-sized partitions
and how to install only specified stuff
3) if fixing ("if" == "interface"): what to do to connect to
the LAN
4) RPM: learn how to use the RPM facility to get
specified packages, learn how to get around the
dependency-loop (can't do this because you need
that, can't do that because you need this)
5) CUPS print management
6) X11 config
and more.

* what boxes to share? none, only the one in javacat?
boxes at jim's house? at your house? other?

* what mailing list to use for this project (not this sf-lug
general list--could be goode olde tyme mail on one
of the shared boxes).

* okay to invite non-sf-lug members to play?

* let's take a little time after the meeting (Sunday,
June 4, 11 to 1PM, i.e. from 1 till 1:30 or 2:00) to

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