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Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Mon May 1 10:49:25 PDT 2006

jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote: Rick has a lot of linux miles, so I credit his
thoughts pretty much entirely. As to this, it
seems to me that (speaking generally) the
attendance of computer user group meetings
has a relatively high number of job-seekers/
networkers, and as these folks get employed,
their individual attendance becomes spotty.
    Given that thought, local linux-related job
postings seem an okay thread to the email.

    Whatever you guys want, lemme know and
we'll set the mail list up (hoping for concensus).

I really don't care whether or not jobs are posted here. I will say that in my experience, the majority of people posting jobs to user groups are bottom-feeders hoping to get highly skilled help for minimal amounts of pay. It is also very common that the posters are really looking for free consultation, which they try to cleverly extract in the form of job screening "questionnaires" (where one or more of the questions is the problem they are trying to solve, but don't want to pay a consultant to solve it.) For these reasons, I tend to lean toward disallowing job listings, because they create negative impressions in the user group members who end up wasting their time and generally having bad experiences with the job posters.

Beau appears to have a legitimate open-source job agency.

Rick makes an excellent point that many job web sites exist and job seekers know where they are (or can use a search engine to find them.) Besides having a lot of Linux miles, Rick has a lot of user group management experience.



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