[sf-lug] ubuntu live cds

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat Apr 29 11:29:13 PDT 2006

I gave up on getting the five Ubuntu CD packages
that the Ubuntu web site promised to send sf-lug,
so i ordered a bunch of Ubuntu live CDs from my
favorite joint: SpiderTools.

He sent 'em, I went to the post office to get 'em,
and whatdyaknow: there was the Ubuntu package.

So I'm bring the five Ubuntu packages to the May
7 meeting (not this Sunday, 4/30)--free Ubuntu
packs, each with one live and one install CD. Oh,
this is the 5.10 release, with a four-color picture
of entirely new people on the outside cover.

I also have about 20 live CDs from SpiderTools,
which cost me about $1.50 each, and which I'm
happy to pass out to those who'll repay my cost
or at least be nice to me. As usual, money-back

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