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Wed Apr 12 10:36:43 PDT 2006

vincent polite <vpolitewebsiteguy at yahoo.com> wrote: I thought this was an interesting little article from monster.com. What do you guys think?

The article is basically correct. It is obviously aimed at those who haven't looked at open-source; you'd have to be living in the jungle the past few years (or working 12 hours a day with some other operating system) to not be aware of what the author is pointing out.

I like his mention of what he calls the "LAMP stack". I recently had to look into a LAMP solution on MS Windows for a client (they only use Windows.) The great thing about LAMP is that you can implement a LAMP application on Windows, then very easily migrate the application to Linux later, illustrating one of open-source's main selling points: protection of your software development investment.

The big problem I'm seeing right now with employers is their lack of understanding of skill sets. A typical job listing these days wants someone who is an expert systems programmer in Windows, Linux, Java, C++ along with other stuff. They don't understand that no self-respecting Java developer would be caught dead coding in C++ (and vice-versa). Ditto for Windows and Linux. If you are porting an app from Windows to Linux, it is way better to just write it from scratch.



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