[conspire] bank doesn't like Iceweasel

Paul Zander paulz at ieee.org
Wed Aug 31 10:27:15 PDT 2016

Yes, I definitely agree, if possible, to use the official packages, in this case Debian Testing.  And, amazingly there was a very recent update to Iceweasel / Firefox that fixed my problem.
I followed the link to Linuxmafia, where you suggest several add-ons:
NoScript     I have been using this for several years, following discussion at CABAL.  :-)  Lately it has sometimes been cumbersome as web-sites use multiple cloud servers to hold desired content.

User Agent Switcher  This was just discussed as a way to spoof Iceweasel.  Not that I need that particular situation now.

RequestPolicy  Adblock Plus         And  I thought just NoScript was quite an improvement.Beef Taco 

HTTPS Everywhere  This sounds like a winner.
BugMeNot              404 not found
OptimizeGoogle      Server Not Found
Firebug                   Looks like it could be very useful for web development. 
Now that the Tor Browser includes a patched version of Firefox, and because we don't have enough developer resources to keep up with the accelerated Firefox release schedule, the toggle model of Torbutton is no longer supported. Users should be using Tor Browser, not installing Torbutton themselves.

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Quoting Paul Zander (paulz at ieee.org):

> No, I will have to try the spoof.  

User Agent Switcher is one of the essential extensions for
Firefox/Iceweasel.  You can find information about it and other
recommended extensions here:


As always, when I link to an upstream development site (as I do for all
of the recommended extensions), I am _not_ recommending you fetch the
code from there.  You should always check your distribution's packaged
software to see if there is a maintained distro package.  In this case,
the Debian package for User Agent Switcher is one named
xul-ext-useragent .  You'll want to apt-get install that.

> First I found these links that says the ice age has come to an end.

Oh, good.  The trademark idiocy that made Iceweasel, Icedove, and Iceape
a practical necessity was always annoying, and entirely not of the
Debian Project's making.

> The /packages.debian.org/unstable does list a firefox package.  It is
> not listed in testing.

Then, use Iceweasel until there's (once again) a maintained Firefox
package in your chosen Debian branch.

> Then I found the following link that there is an iceweasel add on.
> http://www.netdip.com/how-to-make-iceweasel-identify-itself-as-firefox-using-the-user-agent-switcher-extension/
> Unless there is further input, I will try that add on later this
> evening.

Don't follow that page's well intended but slightly dumb advice.
It's dumb advice because it _needlessly_ advises you to go outside the
regime of maintained packages, which has all sorts of drawbacks
including security ones and should not be done without a very compelling
reason.  More about that _general_ matter, here:

> BTW, when I went to a different computer, the bank recognized my
> login, but not my computer. 

Usually reflects lack of the HTTP cookie.

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