[conspire] bank doesn't like Iceweasel

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Aug 30 21:36:04 PDT 2016

Quoting Paul Zander (paulz at ieee.org):

> No, I will have to try the spoof.  

User Agent Switcher is one of the essential extensions for
Firefox/Iceweasel.  You can find information about it and other
recommended extensions here:


As always, when I link to an upstream development site (as I do for all
of the recommended extensions), I am _not_ recommending you fetch the
code from there.  You should always check your distribution's packaged
software to see if there is a maintained distro package.  In this case,
the Debian package for User Agent Switcher is one named
xul-ext-useragent .  You'll want to apt-get install that.

> First I found these links that says the ice age has come to an end.

Oh, good.  The trademark idiocy that made Iceweasel, Icedove, and Iceape
a practical necessity was always annoying, and entirely not of the
Debian Project's making.

> The /packages.debian.org/unstable does list a firefox package.  It is
> not listed in testing.

Then, use Iceweasel until there's (once again) a maintained Firefox
package in your chosen Debian branch.

> Then I found the following link that there is an iceweasel add on.
> http://www.netdip.com/how-to-make-iceweasel-identify-itself-as-firefox-using-the-user-agent-switcher-extension/
> Unless there is further input, I will try that add on later this
> evening.

Don't follow that page's well intended but slightly dumb advice.
It's dumb advice because it _needlessly_ advises you to go outside the
regime of maintained packages, which has all sorts of drawbacks
including security ones and should not be done without a very compelling
reason.  More about that _general_ matter, here:

> BTW, when I went to a different computer, the bank recognized my
> login, but not my computer. 

Usually reflects lack of the HTTP cookie.

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