[conspire] bank doesn't like Iceweasel

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Aug 31 11:07:15 PDT 2016

Quoting Paul Zander (paulz at ieee.org):

> NoScript     I have been using this for several years, following
> discussion at CABAL.  :-)  Lately it has sometimes been cumbersome as
> web-sites use multiple cloud servers to hold desired content.

NoScript's always been a bit cumberson in that way for particular sites.
Don't forget that NoScript has a variety of overrides for your
convenience, like the one that equates to 'Ah, screw it.  I lack time to
figure out which particular Javascript snippets this particular site 
_actually_ needs, so just run them all for this site.'

> BugMeNot              404 not found

Things change, but let's see if we can fix that linkrot.  
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bugmenot/ has a copy of
'Version 3.1-signed.1-signed' that is said to 'work with Firefox 21.0 -
25.0a1'.  As pointed out in the comments, ButMeNot has become of little
value because the operator of the bugmenot.com Web site has become a
softie and now permits site operators to block their domains
(http://bugmenot.com/removal.php) so you can no longer use ButMeNot to

Something to know about Firefox extensions:  The developer puts into an
ASCII manifest inside the .xpi file, which is just a Zip bundle, a
declaration of the minimum and maximum version string of Firefox it's
tested to work with (as in the previous paragraph), _but_ if you, say,
are using a more-recent Firefox version and think it's likely the
extension will work fine with your browser, it's easy to unzip the .xpi,
edit the manifest file with a text editor to broaden the span of
versions it's deemed compatible with, reZip the .xpi, add the .xpi to
your browser, and try it.

Sometimes, of course, an old extension, on the other hand, proves to be
actually incompatible with newer browser releases.  Things change.
(Firefox changes occasionally 'break' old extensions that haven't been
updated to accomodeate API chages.)

Here, if you have time to try these alternatives to BugMeNot and report
back about how well they work, please do:  

At at glance, I'm guessing those alternatives are to the _site_
BugMeNot.com, but probably don't have associated Firefox extensions to
go with them -- but still, if the _sites_ are good, then _they_ are
worth knowing about.

> OptimizeGoogle      Server Not Found

Findable at https://sourceforge.net/projects/optimizegoogle/ .  However, 
development ceased at 2012-02-13, FWIW.  (This doesn't mean it can't
work fine, of course.  Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.  You tell me.
Google, Inc.'s changes to its WebUi can break such third-party features.)  

This state of affairs is discussed here:
January 2012:  'Hmmm... tried the latest version and it looks like only
a few features work but most of the important ones are broken.'  Some
alternatives are discussed.

> Torbutton                
> Now that the Tor Browser includes a patched version of Firefox, and
> because we don't have enough developer resources to keep up with the
> accelerated Firefox release schedule, the toggle model of Torbutton is
> no longer supported. Users should be using Tor Browser, not installing
> Torbutton themselves.

Good point; hadn't noticed that.  More about that here:

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