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  • Altair BASIC - Story of the 1976 Altair BASIC flap, related by former Homebrew Computer Club member Rick Moen
  • Archivers - File archiver/compression programs for MS-Windows
  • Burning ISOs - Rundown of many MS-Windows programs for burning optical discs from ISO9660i (ISO) image files
  • CD Burning - Detailed tutorial for MS-Windows users about how to burn ISO9660 (ISO) files to CDR media, e.g., to install/run Linux distributions
  • CVS SSH - Instructions on using CVS with SSH encryption on Windows, using SourceForge code checkouts as a example
  • Downloadable DOS - How to download (if necessary) and convert to bootable CD-ROM format a DOS image, e.g., to run hardware-oriented utilities
  • Drive Letter Order - Explanation of how Microsoft OSes assign drive letters
  • IIS and OpenSSL Certs - Making Windows2000's IIS Certificate Manager import OpenSSL certificates
  • ISO Recorder - Small Microsoft-recommended tool for MS-Windows XP, 2003, and Vista to burn ISO9660 (ISO) files to CDRs, e.g., of Linux distributions
  • MacOS 9 and Windows Services - How do I make Linux able to furnish file/print support for pre-OSX Mac OS and MS-Windows boxes?
  • MAPI library - Brutus is a complete, GPLed CORBA wrapping of the entire MAPI library, making it possible for any open source groupware client to connect to MS Exchange on an equal footing with MS Outlook
  • MBR Rewriting - How to restore the Microsoft MBR (e.g., if removing Linux from dual-boot) in DOS/Win9x/WinME, in WinXP, and in Win2k
  • Messaging Flaw - Watershed paper revealing that the fundamental nature of Win32's messaging model makes it inherently vulnerable to privilege-escalation attacks, a flaw that cannot be fixed without breaking essentially all existing applications
  • MSIE Deficiencies - Ways in which Microsoft Internet Explorer is deficient. Please feel free to send people who think MSIE is a good browser to this page
  • MS-Outlook Quoting - Add-on tools to fix quoting in MS-Outlook and MS-Outlook Express, so they no longer violate netiquette standards
  • NFS - All known NFS software for Win32
  • NT Access to Linux Filesystems - Are there any ways for MS-Windows NT to have access to native-Linux filesystems?
  • NT Boot Problems - I've upgraded Red Hat, and now NT won't boot. What do I do?
  • Offline NT Password Disk - Petter Nordahl-Hagen's 'ntpasswd' or Offline NT Password and Registry Editor, a Linux boot floppy able to null out the Administrator password in an NT/win2k/XP system's SAM security database on its NTFS filesystem volume. Can also unlock locked or disabled user logins, and generally edit the system registry
  • Open Letter to Hobbyists - Infamous 1976 letter from William Henry Gates III to Altair users
  • Ping of Death - How the Ping of Death worked against perennially vulnerable Microsoft OSes, circa 1997
  • PPTP - Security problems of PPTP, especially as implemented by Microsoft Corporation
  • Procmail Sanitizer - Procmail ruleset to 'defang' arriving e-mail of macro viruses, Web bugs, Javascript, sundry exploit code, etc. to protect vulnerable MS-Outlook users
  • Security Compromises - The Microsoft security bulletin you'd love to see (humour)
  • Service Packs - Reasons to shun MS-Windows service packs later than Windows 2000 SP2, and to shun MS-Windows XP, even if you're a Microsoft fan
  • Startup Items - Information on a utility to review/adjust all MS-Windows startup tasks
  • Unix v. NT - John Kirch 1998 study comparing WinNT Server 4.0 with Unix
  • Unix Shell - How to implement Unix shells in MS-Windows
  • VNC and Similar - List of non-X11 graphical remote access protocols and packages, including implementations of VNC
  • Win95 Analysis - Editorial and technical analysis at the time of Win95's introduction (Rick Moen's 1995 magazine editorials)
  • Windows Bestiary - How to tell what version your (non-NT) copy of MS-Windows really is
  • Windows Rescue Disk - Suggested system-rescue boot images for MS-Windows systems; article by Karsten Self: Reset lost Administrator password, remove viruses, fix filesystems, test disks/RAM, backup/restore data, etc.
  • WINE Tips - Frank's Corner, a set of tips on configuring common MS-Windows apps and games on WINE under Linux
  • X Servers for Win32 - List of all known X Window System server software for MS-Windows
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