I note Rob's forward of the MSIE/Solaris announcement, and the related Microsoft spin-control Web page.

A young fellow (now working at Network Associates in its newly-acquired PGP group) named Matt Hargett, a devout NT groupie, keeps bouncing MS-dogma posts off me to get my reactions. Following is round two, after he had rhetorically asked me if Netscape's source-code release wasn't the last gasp of a desperate company.

From rick Thu Jan 22 18:53:18 1998
Subject: Re: netscape src
To: hargett@cityscape.net (Matt Hargett)

> Other than the obscene memory footprint, of course ;>

Which is bad, but not horrible, and is partly attibutable to staticly-linked X Motif libs. I may make a stab at the dynamic version — except I really have no other use for Motif. In fact, I usually use Navigator 3.04, rather than Communicator 4.04, when I use their browsers at all. On the whole, I'd rather use Chimera.

They also compiled it against an ancient version of libc that uses an inefficient malloc function, and Java isn't happy unless you provide that lib. However, that's not difficult.

> Their main problem is they've spent more time adding code to the
> existing codebase than optimizing the current one. The second comment
> was from one of the dev people there (who actually runs IE in protest
> of the priority disagreements he has with the dev there).

Interesting. That makes sense, and I appreciate the comment. Communicator does indeed give the impression of frantic featuritis. On its fewer supported platforms, MSIE is smaller, but I find pervasive bad design decisions. Like:

So, I consider MSIE (including 4.x) a wretched mess, and to include a number of features that insult the intelligence of the user or are just plain sleazoid. Fortunately, there are numerous better alternatives.

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See also: Listing of "101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot": http://www.xulplanet.com/ndeakin/arts/reasons.html

From: "Benjamin J. Tilly "
To: iwe@www.vtluug.org
Subject: [Iwe] How to properly scare IE users
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 01:45:00 +0500

It is one thing to tell IE users that they are using an insecure piece of shite. It is another to show them...


Note that it only works with IE. The uncharitable might point out that that is because a similar tool aimed at non-IE browsers would have too few vulns to create a splash.