CD/DVD/BluRay Burning Software for Windows

Rick Moen
Thu Apr 5 02:12:16 PDT 2012
Subject: CD/DVD burning software for MS-Windows

CABAL attendee Reese Harding has a very common problem: He has a Windows box to which he's just installed a CD/DVD burner drive, but he doesn't have MS-Windows software for burning Linux CDs/DVDs from ISOs.

Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 23:16:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Reese Harding
Subject: DVD burner

Hi Rick

So I have looked at CDBurnerXP and ImgBurn. The first has
dependencies of Net 2.0 Framework (VisualBasic stuff) and Windows
Manager (for installing and uninstalling). I imagine ImgBurn will require
the same.

That is where I stopped. Any stable alternatives you can suggest would
be considered. Thanks.

Reese Harding

ISO Recorder is a tool (power toy) for Windows XP, 2003 and now Windows Vista, that allows (depending on the Windows version) to burn CD and DVD images (DVD support is only available on Windows Vista), copy disks, make images of the existing data CDs and DVDs and create ISO images from a content of a disk folder.
Detailed tutorial article:

Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 00:25:27 -0700
From: Rick Moen <>
Subject: Re: DVD burner

Hi, Reese.

Yes, many of the sources I know of go no further than CDBurnerXP, which is annoying. FYI, it is proprietary-licensed, not open source. (Determining the licensing of MS-Windows applications is often tricky and time-consuming, because the MS-Windows userbase is perfectly happy to rely on meaningless terms like 'freeware' that say nothing about whether the licensing is proprietary or not.)

Active ISO Burner from LSoft Technologies Inc. is a proprietary but free-of-charge standalone (binary .exe file) CD/DVD/BluRay burner program. Visit: and

I'm guessing that'll meet your needs adequately.

cdrtfe with cdrtools is a genuine open source solution for MS-Windows, likewise supporting CD/DVD/BluRay. The name stands for 'cdrtools front end', which documents what it's about: It's a graphical shell program that invokes a number of open-source command-line programs from Joerg Schilling's 'cdrtools' kit of utilities, compiled for Windows. 'cdrtools' is one of the standard toolkits on Unixes, but is used here in its MS-Windows variant. The 'Installation' page on cdrfte's Web site (above) explains where to download the pieces you need.

BurnCDCC from Terabyte Unlimited is a simple standalone proprietary CD/DVD/BluRay burner program for MS-Windows.

Subject: Burning Tools
James Sundquist
Thu Apr 5 12:23:04 PDT 2012
To: conspire


I believe you are incorrect in assuming ImgBurn requires the .NET 2.0 framework; it can easily be run from memory without installation and should only depend on your core installation files. InfraRecorder ( is another fantastic open source burn suite that should work great. Why would you not literally try to run ImgBurn before seeking alternatives and writing e-mails?

Hope this helps,

Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 00:25:27 -0700
From: Rick Moen <>
Subject: Burning Tools

Thanks for mentioning InfraRecorder: I was actually attempting to remember that one. It's a genuine open source graphical Win32 application for MS-Windows to burn CDs and DVDs from ISOs. Like one other tool mentioned, it is a graphical front-end to the MS-Windows port of Joerg Schilling's cdrtools suite of command-line applications. (Therefore, I strongly suspect it can also burn BluRay.)

The dependency Reese mentioned for ImgBurn was something called 'Windows Manager', which he says is not part of his MS-Windows installation. FWIW, I think you are correct and that Reese must have misinterpreted something he read. For completeness's sake: ImgBurn is a standalone (binary .exe) proprietary-licensed but free of charge graphical utility for MS-Windows that burns CD/DVD/BluRay discs from ISOs.

There is also a long list of CD/DVD/BluRay-burning utilities for MS-Windows at the bottom of InfraRecorder's Wikipedia page:

From: Margaret Wendall
Subject: Re: [conspire] CD/DVD burning software for MS-Windows
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 22:03:10 -0700

I'm sorry to be so late with this suggestion: I've made usable CDs (not DVDs) of Linux distros by using the "data disk" option in Roxio Creator in Windows. It's worth a try.

[RM adds: They also used to publish something called Roxio EasyCD, apparently now gone.]

From: Daniel Gimpelevich
Subject: Re: [conspire] CD/DVD burning software for MS-Windows
Sat Apr 14 10:14:19 PDT 2012

I have always much lamented the very unfortunate licensing for ImgBurn, because I strongly prefer it to any Schilyware. It works perfectly under WINE with no dependencies at all, and unless I'm in a great hurry, that is generally what I use on my Ubuntu.

From: Rick Moen
To: Reese Harding
Subject: Re: [conspire] CD/DVD burning software for MS-Windows
Date: Sun Apr 15 11:45:31 PDT 2012

Passing along, Reese. Daniel tends to know whereof he speaks. What he's probably implying is that ImgBurn is a no-hassle, reliable binary Win32 application that he finds useful and likable enough that he even uses it on Linux under the most-used software subsystem for running Win32 programs on x86 Linux ('WINE').

Daniel's reference to 'Schilyware' refers to the fact that both of the completely open-source options for MS-Windows cited are people's graphical front-ends to Joerg Schilling's cdrtools. Schilling has managed to annoy broad stretches of the Unix community through a number of peculiar and vexing things he did over the years with his code, its licensing, and his relations with everyone else -- to the point where most Unixes coder communities wrote their own replacements for cdrtools, so as to no longer need deal with those annoyances.

History of some of the variants on Unix that have been inspired by a desire to work around Schilling:

From: Rick Moen
Subject: Re: [conspire] CD/DVD burning software for MS-Windows
Date: Sun Apr 15 12:51:56 PDT 2012

'cdrkit' is a fork of (and intended successor to) cdrtools created by Joerg Jaspert and other Debian developers, departing from a cdrtools version just before Schilling made a very peculiar and vexing licence change. Like cdrtools, it has been ported to MS-Windows, so it's quite possible that the two open source graphical front-end programs for optical disc burning on Windows (cdrtfe and InfraRecorder) will work with cdrkit for Windows just as well as they did with cdrtools for Windows.

You can also spend money on Nero for Windows (proprietary), of course, or download the proprietary but free-of-charge Nero Kwik Burn for Windows:

Alternatives to cdrtools and cdrkit:

DVD+RW-tools suite (furnishing main utility growisofs):

CDRDAO (CD-R Disk-At-Once): no DVD/BluRay support

cdrskin, an independent reimplementation of cdrtools's main utility cdrecord, based on the libburn library:
(To my knowledge, nobody has yet ported cdrskin to MS-Windows.)

GNU xorriso, likewise based on the libburn library:
(To my knowledge, nobody has yet ported GNU xorriso to MS-Windows.)