Q: After upgrading to RH5.0, I can no longer boot into WinNT. What does the standard /etc/lilo.conf look like, for a dual-boot workstation?

A: This should work for NT on the first partition of the first drive:

other = /dev/sda1
label = win

This should for the first partition on the second drive:

other = /dev/sdb1
loader = /boot/any_d.b
label = nt

Note: If you have written lilo (boot= ) to NT's boot partition (most often sda1 or hda1), NT will not load. It might be possible to restore NT's boot record with an NT repair disk, but I suspect it may not be possible without an install.

Note2: A common bluescreen error seen in dual boot machines is "Inaccessible boot device". If you've installed lilo in the MBR, install it into the Linux root partition. Change the active/boot partition to the Linux root partition. Then, use a DOS boot disk and overwrite the Master Boot Record, by running "FDISK /MBR". This should get rid of the bluescreen crash. If you install NT, the active/boot partition will be switched to NT's. Once that's done, you can switch it back to Linux's root partition.