2.7.3: How old is everyone?

[Steven Cooper, Courtenay Footman, John Hamby, Sean Hillyard, Pam Korda, John Novak, Katrina Werpetinski]

  • Aram: "about" same age as Perrin [TEOTW: 25, The Traveling People, 311].
  • Aviendha: almost twenty in [TPOD: 1, To Keep the Bargain, 50], which occurs early in 1000 NE, so she was born in 979-980 NE.
  • Berelain: at most a year older than Rand [TSR: 2, Whirlpools in the Pattern, 57]
  • Cadsuane: "Thought to have been born around 705 NE." [ACOS: Glossary, 671]
  • Elayne is eighteen in [LOC: 48, Leaning on the Knife, 602]. This is at the turning of the century, placing her date of birth close to Egwene's in mid to late 981.
  • Egwene is two years younger than Rand [TEOTW: 3, The Peddler, 35], so she was born mid-981. She's also listed as eighteen in [ACOS: 8, The Figurehead, 157].
  • Ewin Finngar: born 984 NE [TEOTW: 2, Strangers, 19]
  • Faile: Of an age with Ewin Finngar [LOC: Prologue, The First Message, 35]
  • Galad was born prior to 972 NE [TEOTW: Glossary, 668] (probably a year at most since he is described as an infant when Tigraine left).
  • Gawyn: 22 or 23 in 999 NE [LOC: Prologue, The First Message, 40], he is listed as being a few years past twenty. The earliest he could have been born is 975 NE which would make him 25--a little older than a 'few years.'
  • Isam: was a child when Malkier fell, so he is a few years older than Lan, say b. 945-950 NE.
  • Lan: b. 953 NE [LOC: Glossary, 709]
  • Logain: born 972 NE [ACOS: Glossary, 676]
  • Loial: born 908 NE [TEOTW: 36, Web of the Pattern, 461]
  • Mat is the same age as Rand, b.978 NE [TEOTW: 8, A Place of Safety, 94].
  • Min: 'almost' Nynaeve's age [LOC: Prologue, The First Message, 28]
  • Moiraine: b. 956 NE [LOC: Glossary, 710]
  • Nynaeve is twenty-six at the end of 999 NE, so she was born 973 NE [LOC: 48, Leaning on the Knife, 602]. She looks to be a few years younger, due to slowing.
  • Perrin is the same age as Rand, b.978 NE [TEOTW: 8, A Place of Safety, 94].
  • Rand was born in 978 NE [TGH: 8, The Dragon Reborn, 109].
  • Siuan Sanche: She was raised Amyrlin at age 30 [LOC: 35, In the Hall of the Sitters, 471], in 988 NE [Guide: 24, The White Tower, 216]. Thus she was born in 958 NE.
  • Taim: looks at least 15 years older than Rand, so thus looks about 35 [LOC: 2, A New Arrival, 76]. Note that, due to slowing, he is probably older than that. (At a post-TPOD signing in New York [20 October, 1998, report by Ryan R.], RJ said that a man with the spark wouldn't slow until 25, usually closer to thirty. Thus, if Rand's assessment of Taim's apparent age is accurate, the only way Taim could be the age he looks is if he started channeling at an unusually late age.)

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