Section 3: Sources

This section contains information on and discussion of legends and myths which RJ may have used as source material and works which share similarities with TWOT.

    "There are elements from Norse, Chinese, Japanese, and American Indian mythologies, to name just a few. I think it adds resonance to the story, although I've taken great care not to follow the older material in any slavish way. Occasionally, I will add in details here or there, and then discover that I have done something that is absolutely authentic to the myth I was working from." [Waldenbooks' 'zine Hailing Frequencies]

NOTE: Due to the large volume of material covered in this update of the WOTFAQ and the realively short amount of time in which do it, this section has not been updated to include information from Knife of Dreams, The Gathering Storm or New Spring. For readers interested in discovering more about what Jordan referenced when creating his world, I suggest visiting the excellent 13th Depository maintained by the even more excellent Linda Taglieri.

We plan to update this section sometime in 2011.


--Jennifer Liang

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