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Book page2.3.15: What's the deal with Healing stilling/gentling? --Updated Jennifer Liang015 min 46 sec ago
Book page1.5.8: Who IS a Darkfriend?--Updated Jennifer Liang012 hours 6 min ago
Book page1.5.7: Who is NOT a Darkfriend?-- Updated Jennifer Liang012 hours 7 min ago
Book page1.1.10 Did Graendal Survive the Attack on Natrin's Barrow? --New Jennifer Liang012 hours 13 min ago
Book page1.1.9: Why do we think that Anath is Semirhage in disguise? --Updated Jennifer Liang012 hours 14 min ago
Book page1.1.2: Who is Mesaana in the Tower? -Updated Jennifer Liang012 hours 14 min ago
Book page99.4 Where does Brandon get those names he's using?--New Jennifer Liang014 hours 26 min ago
Book page4.5: The Karaethon Cycle Jennifer Liang014 hours 27 min ago
Book page4.4: The Dark Prophecy Jennifer Liang014 hours 29 min ago
Book page4.3: Miscellaneous Prophecies Jennifer Liang014 hours 30 min ago
Book page4.2: Min's Viewings Jennifer Liang014 hours 34 min ago
Book page4.1: Egwene's Dreams Jennifer Liang014 hours 37 min ago
Book page3.14: Real Nations' Influence on Randland Jennifer Liang014 hours 40 min ago
Book page3.05: Arthurian Legend Jennifer Liang014 hours 42 min ago
Book page3.01: Judeo-Christian and Biblical Parallels Jennifer Liang014 hours 44 min ago
Book page2.6.10 What was the "Gasp Moment" in KOD? --New Jennifer Liang014 hours 47 min ago
Book page2.6.1: What is the deal with Callandor? Who will use it? --Updated Jennifer Liang014 hours 50 min ago
Book page2.5.6: Is Aviendha pregnant? Jennifer Liang014 hours 52 min ago
Book page2.5.1: Who's who in the Families? Jennifer Liang014 hours 53 min ago
Book page2.4.10: Tigraine = Shaiel, an Analysis Jennifer Liang014 hours 54 min ago
Book page2.4.04: Jain Farstrider: Where is he now? Jennifer Liang014 hours 57 min ago
Book page2.4.01: Who was Beidomon? --Updated Jennifer Liang014 hours 58 min ago
Book page2.3.17: Is Saidar Failing? Jennifer Liang015 hours 17 sec ago
Book page2.3.16: Cleansing the Taint and What Came Of It Jennifer Liang015 hours 47 min ago
Book page2.2.11 Is Egwene Ta'veren? --New Jennifer Liang015 hours 52 min ago

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