Darkfriends in Sin City

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the age that gave it birth comes again. But none of that faux-mythological crap is gonna apply here 'cuz through the wonders of the Internet we enshrine for all posterity these misadventures we call the best days of our lives. Our trials and tribulations writ large in the ether, we shall not be forgotten.

During the last week of July, 1999, some 40-odd denizens of rasfwrj descended on Las Vegas. Indeed, we are odd denizens, but Vegas is probably the one city in the USA, if not the world, where a bunch of us can gather and actually not be the biggest spectacle around. No, not when the tourist-sheep are busy goggling at rollercoasters atop 1200-foot towers and Romanesque statuary grabbing their genitals. Compared to that, we're downright prosaic.

Here are my recollections:

Second Opinions

I remember thinking sometime during the social that it'd be fun to get back home and read all the different trip reports people would post on the newsgroup. I knew it would be like the gospels of Matt, Mark, Luke, and John. And then some. Relive it through these various eyes and ears:

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