Las Vegas DFS Superlatives

This is a list of superlatives I started putting together after the social. Several people offered their suggestions, and I've included many of them here. Thanks to Kate Nepveu and Drew Gillmore for contributing.

Biggest Wussy for not coming: Darkelf
Runner-up: Mike Kozlowski

Biggest Overall Gambling Win: Hawk, $800

Best dressed: Nathan Lundblad and Hawk at dinner on Friday night
Most-nearly Best Undressed: Pam, for walking around beltless all weekend

Most success at rendering Novak speechless: Jim Hill. You could say he stumped Novak.

Most Mellow: Bill, at dinner on Saturday night, with two stiff drinks in his stomach and the GDP of Ethiopa in his front pocket
Most Stressed: Drew, at dinner on Saturday night with several stiff drinks in him and $1000 in my front pocket, all of it collected from the people that showed up in time, and worried about the other eight that weren't there yet

Biggest Blush: Nathan, after being offered $500 to do a strip dance in front of everybody
Runner-up: Annette, after being asked to go to a strip club

Biggest height-to-weight ratio: CD Skogsberg
Biggest weight-to-height ratio: Jim Hill

Most feared to have been eaten by Trollocs: Cassandra

Cheap Bastard Award: John Novak, for tossing money into Drew's guitar case and then going back to make change

Biggest corruptor of men's souls: Bill, for turning several people into gambling addicts

Biggest Lush: Steve Anderson, worshipping a bottle of Jose Cuervo on Friday night

Craziest Gambler: Sydo "I'd like to split these 10s again" Zandstra
Runner-up: Rajesh "Look at all this money I'm winning" Vaidya

Longest time spent in transit: Ken "I took Greyhound because I wanted to see the mountains" Cavness

Last Man Standing Award: Dave Hemming, who left at 5am Tuesday

Most Likely Candidate for Gamblers Anonymous: Bill "Who wants to go to the Strip?" Garrett

Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Casino Zombie: Tshen. The tye-dye socks and glazed look were just priceless.

Most Likely to be an Axe Murderer: Trent Goulding. It's those quiet types you've got to watch out for.

Most Likely to be a Closet Heterosexual: Ken "Your cleavage is making even me stare" Cavness.

And, finally,
Most heroic for doing the Most work to put this thing together:
Drew Gillmore

Bill Garrett
Copyright 1999