Pictures from the Las Vegas (Inter)National DFS

Here's a picture of those at the cocktail party on Thursday evening.

group photo

Kneeling in the front row are (left to right): Rajesh Vaidya, Chris Mullins, Eric Milota, Noell Milota, Drew Gillmore, and Jeff Morse.
Standing in the middle flank: Alaric Fox, Tim Roeder, Thor Shenkel (behind Tim's arm and wearing bunny ears), John Novak, Pam Korda, Kate Nepveu, Annette Dilick, Deb Loy, Katy Westerman, and BJ Armstrong.
Hiding in the back row: Bill Garrett (with severe flash-eye problems), Kenn Cavness, Sydo Zandstra, David (CD) Skogsberg, Dave Hemming (standing right below CD), Mark Loy, John Dilick, Trent Goulding, and Jim Hill.

Was that too many names at once for you? Here are a few pictures of folks hanging out in smaller groups.

Some people Around the table are Noell Milota, Chris Mullins, Rajesh Vaidya, Kenn Cavness, Steve Morse, and Dave Hemming.

Standing over by the window are David Skogsberg, Tim Roeder, Jim Hill, John Novak, Pam Korda, and Drew Gillmore.

More people Thor regales the crowd with a story while (clockwise from top) Chris Mullins, John Dilick, Annette Dilick, and Trent Goulding listen.

Hugs all around! In the first picture below, Maggie, Steve Ginter, Kenn Cavness, and David Scotton gather for some fun. In the second picture are Kenn, Leigh Butler, Maggie, and David.

Even more people Still more people

At a social several years ago, one of Hawk's warders presented her with a green shawl. She doesn't like to wear it, but she did get several other people to model it. Here are Mark Loy, Thor (Tshen) Shenkel, and Jim Hill:

Mark Loy Thor Jim Hill

Maggie and her warder Maggie didn't have a shawl, but she did make a logo t-shirt for her warder, David Scotton.

Novak kneels before Barney John Novak wasn't raised to the shawl, but he did get an opportunity to grovel at the feet of Barney.

Drew on guitar When Drew took out his guitar and started to play, it wasn't long until people started tossing donations in his open guitar case. Kenn Cavness was caught on film. John Novak, cheap enough to rummage around for change, was not.

Encore! Drew got rattled from the sound of change clinking in his guitar case and the shouts of "Freebird!" from the crowd and stopped playing, so Jim Hill, John Dilick, and Dave Hemming raised their lighters to call for an encore.

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Photos and text by Bill Garrett
Copyright 1999