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What Happened In the Two Rivers While the Fires of Heaven Fell

There is some difficulty getting the Whitecloaks out at first. Eventually they leave, swearing to return and get even with "that Darkfriend." A few, the paths of their lives turned by Perrin's ta'verenness and seeing Aes Sedai fighting hard to protect innocents from Trollocs, stay behind to join Lord Perrin Goldeneyes' army.

Verin and Alanna spend about a third of their time hanging around Perrin, dropping mysterious hints, trying to get him to do something, and generally fueling the fires of the Great 'Who's Black?' Flamewar. Another third of their time is spent in locating girls who can use the One Power and training them to channel. This causes some severe friction, but the Aes Sedai override all problems. The last third is spent helping get rid of Trollocs.

Perrin spends his nights having mad passionate sex with Faile. He spends his days trying to get people to call him anything besides "Lord Perrin." He doesn't notice that towards the end of the second month of their marriage, Faile starts getting increasingly nauseous in the morning.

Tam al'Thor, still unaware that Rand can channel (hey, we need to save something for Book VI: The Unstilling of Logain), spends his time training the Companions and other recruits of Lord Perrin's army, joined by the Warders. They finish cleaning the Trollocs out of the Two Rivers.

Chiad teaches Gaul to sing. Bain and Chiad go on long scouting trips with Wil al'Seen, for unknown reasons, and always come back smiling.

Loial is increasingly beset by longings for a Stedding, any Stedding, but never quite gets around to asking Verin where the nearest one is. Instead, he spends his time getting his notes in order and wondering when his mother will arrive in the Two Rivers.

Slayer heads back to Shayol Ghul for healing, more instructions, and a set of wolf-traps.

Rumors of someone named "Ren" drawing the Sword That Cannot Be Touched in Tear reach the Two Rivers. Tam al'Thor does not connect this with Rand, but Perrin starts wondering what he's going to do when a messenger with the truth arrives.

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