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Welcome to the 6:00 news.

In local news, this is election day. If you haven't voted yet, please do. Exit polls put Mayor al'Vere ahead with 60% of the vote in his bid for a fifth term. Although there have been allegations of an underhanded strategy to help limit the Coplin vote.

Proposition one is too close to call. In order to help the undecideds here's Haral Luhan and Cenn Buie in point/counterpoint. Cenn.

Proposition one is needed badly. Emond's Field is the only village in the Two Rivers without any zoning laws, and look what it has gotten us. A large eyesore of a manor built near the historic village green (by the way, the historic preservation society's attempt to block the building with an injuction is going smoothly so far.), that building is menace. Perrin is a menace. Why we've have three children bit by wolves in the last month. They think just because Perrin can talk to wolves that they can too, somebody ought to sue. Why he should...

Thank you Cenn. Haral.

Proposition one is about three things. Jobs, jobs, jobs. What with those ill directed anti-smoking ordinances and the Wisdom Generals wool headed warning against tabac. Our exports have gone into the chamber pot. Not to mention the beating the wool industry has been taking due to synthetics, and imports of Aiel (the darkfriends) koton. Emond's Field needs the industry that will be brought in by its comparitive advantage in cheap comercial land.

Very good. Now here's Daise with the weather.

Well, I'm sorry to say that the wind has been mighty shy lately and hasn't said exactly when the drought will end. Do buck up though. Winter will be mild.

Thank you Wisdom, now a word from our sponsor.

Mat Cauthon, you just killed the insane leader of half a million rampaging black veiled Aiel. What are you going to do now. I'm going to Valan Luca's.

Now to sports. Tam al'Thor again won the longbow competition. Although there have been some allegations. Here's master Coplin. Nobody can shoot that well without One Poweroids, and just look at his son. There is no doubt about it. He's juiced. His medals should be stripped.

In other news, the trial of Padan Fain has come to a close. Despite many eyewitnesses and a video tape showing him torturing and killing two Tinkers, the jury apparently bought the prosecutions arguement that he was swept up in mob mentality due to his association with the Whitecloaks, and therefore was only sentenced to a slap on the wrist, abiet by Alsbet Luhhan.

Finally, this station has been assured by the White Tower that rumors of the Dark One breaking free have been greatly exagerated, and if he does get out, the Tower will be able to take care of it if only RALFTA (RAndLand Free Trade Agreement) is ratified.

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