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What happened in the Two Rivers

With Padan Fain gone to the White Tower, the intensity of the Trolloc attacks drop off. The occasional raid or two is easily handled by the battle-ready Two Rivers men.

The Tinkers leave, still searching for the song. Aram remains behind, having been cast out from the Tinkers.

In the aftermath of a victory over the Trollocs and the Whitecloaks, the Two Rivers villagers herald Lord Perrin as the new King of Manetheren, much to his dismay. They insist on building a huge palace (or what a Two Rivers inhabitant views to be a palace) for King Perrin and Queen Faile (more ironic foreshadowing here).

Word of the deposing of Siuan Sanche reaches the Two Rivers, and the call for all sisters to return to the Tower is heard. Alanna Sedai returns to the Tower, while Verin remains behind, muttering about not having finished what she set out to do.

Perrin learns more about talking with wolves, and tries to hunt Slayer in the wolf dream. Lord Luc has fled to the Mountains of Mist, but still returns to the Two Rivers in dreams, taunting Perrin. Everything in the wolf dream seems to point to the Tower of Ghenjei being somehow important.

Faile learns she is pregnant, and starts having strange dreams of archers and bows and Birgette.

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