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General Predictions:

  1. we don't hear anything about Moiraine for at LEAST the first half of the book. Possibly the whole book (everyone assuming that she is dead.)
  2. The entire time of tFoH with perrin takes one chapter ("And everyone worked hard to get the town in shape again, and they built a big house. next chapter.")
  3. Morgase doesn't meet any of the other good guys until the middle or 2nd third of the book. Hightening dramatic irony.

Rand did send a letter to Elayne saying that her mother is dead, but its ok because he avenged her right? will if not, he will. Elayne gets this letter and tries to storm up to Camelayne. She fails because she is still a novice and isn't allowed out in public yet. She starts to whine. Nynaeve finds Moggy lying somewhere and doesn't tell anyone. She wants to do what Rand did w/ Asy... At some point, she is found out (moggy tells or something) and gets in BIG trouble. She will probably run away at this point (of course taking Bela with her, and probably Elayne as well), and try to learn on her own. She (and min who runs with her, just to get away) run into Morgase on her search for help, and they decide to go to TR because they have heard of rumours of Perrins stuff. Morgase wonders if Perrin with an army that large would submit it to her. Nynaeve responds that if he doesn't, she'l box his ears (or some such). When they do meet (about 2/3 -3/4 through) Perrin says "Sure, thats a weight off my shoulders". and Nyn says "wow, a man being reasonable. Take note Tam!" at which all males bristol.

(has rand sent someone with Moiranes letter to Thom yet? if not, he does (Eg would have to tell him that they are in Salidar if she hasn't already))

Lan gets to Salidar and is bonded to the green, really hightening the tension when he finds out that Nyn just left on her own, he wants to go after her, but his green won't let him.

Which leaves us with the people in Camelayne. They try to settle things down and there is the obligatory scene in some library in the castle where someone recognizes Rand's mom as Tigraine. Oh, almost forgot, Rand notices missing Asy, thinks that he has gone AWOL. looks around, doesn't find body (we don't find out who dunit at LEAST until the second 1/4). He tries dealing with asorted politics with Andor, Tear and Caheiren.

Perrin, Nyn and morgase storm into Camelayne and (after a minor skirmish with Aiel which Perrin stops right quick (Matts companions are probably involved as well)) and we have emotional reunions. Perrin is pissed that he is stuck with Ta'averen again, but faile is happy to be in the thick of it again.

Perrin convinces Faile that they should go up north to visit her dad (get out of the Ta'averan again). and everyone else storms Illian.

Random subplots:

Cliff hangers at the end:

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