Submission 4 - Chad "Oilcan" Orzel


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Lord of Chaos: What _Really_Ought_ To Happen...

Siuan Sanche is wandering through Salidar, engaged in the typical love/hate verbal war with Gareth Bryne. Min keeps seeing portents of disaster, but there isn't a clear source for the threat. Siuan is trying to twist the discomfiture (big word, eh?) of the renegade AS to her advantage, Leane is flirting with anything that breathes.

Ny. and El are scheduled to be raised to "almost-Aes Sedai" status- same deal as Faolin- in recognition of their discovery/ capture of one of the Forsaken. Sheriam, Carylina, and the others appear occasionally, and make vague statements that may or may not imply that they are Black Ajah. Much debate ensues on r.a.s.w.r-j.

Morgase pops up in Salidar, and is crushed to see that both Thom and Gareth are getting along fine without her, and neither of them loves her anymore. Seeing her mother humbled in this manner produces a huge self- esteem crisis in Elayne, and leads to long bouts of whining introspection (a la Nyn. in the last book). Posters on r.a.s.w.r-j declare her to be yet another annoying female, and various allegations of sexism are made.

While interrogating Moggy, Nyn. makes some comment about "unnatural" weather, and Moggy tells them of the "fabled ter'angreal" mentioned in the cover blurb. One of the Forsaken has taken control of it, and is using it to screw with the weather. The description matches one of the "wonders" listed by Bayle Domon in EotW- either the hollowed-out mountain or the island covered with a crystal lattice. To pick a Forsaken at random, it's Semhirage doing the nasty weather tricks. In typical fashion, Thelma and Louise set off to find said weather control ter'angreal

  1. without actually consulting anyone else
  2. alone, save for Thom and Juilin, and maybe Min and
  3. without sticking around to be raised to Aes Sedai.

Egwene is summoned to Salidar, as per the cover blurb, where she will be raised to Aes Sedai status (at least). This removes her from Rand's camp, though it doesn't actually make her any less annoying. Moiraine's letter to Thom is sent with her.

Perrin leads the army of New Manetheren (as it were) out of the Two Rivers, and heads towards Caemlyn, figuring that that's as good a place to go as any. Alanna and Verin float around making vague, cryptic statements that many will take as proof that they are BA. Neither does anything that will conclusively prove their standing one way or another. Much annoying debate ensues, and Verin lands in my killfile.

Shortly after leaving the Two Rivers, Perrin re-establishes contact with the wolves, and begins having minor little problems with his sanity. He fears he may be losing control to the Wolf Side, but, in typical fashion, refuses to tell anybody who could potentially help him with the problem.

Tam al'Thor wanders around, and cryptic references are made to his past. Again, much annoying debate ensues on r.a.s.w.r-j.

Mat gets sent to Ilian, to lead Ran'ds armies against Sammael's forces. He does a bang-up job, but keeps refusing to take credit for anything.

In Caemlyn, things are getting a bit strange. As a result of Rand's little balefire-o-rama, the Pattern seems to be unravelling slightly...

In Caemlyn, things are getting a bit strange. As a result of Rand's little balefire-o-rama, the Pattern seems to be unravelling slightly...

In Caemlyn, things are getting a bit strange. As a result...

After a little bit of this, and maybe a "bubble of evil" attack, Rand goes nuts. He gates himself out of the Palace, taking only his clothes, and Thom's flute. He wanders around as a beggar for a while, barking mad.

Mazrim Taim, under the control of a bunch of Darkfriends (Black Ajah, Forsaken, whoever) starts raising Hell in northern Andor. This is blamed on Rand, and the people start to become uneasy. Both groups of Aes Sedai send some of their number to try to capture him. Chaos ensues. Hence the title.

Perrin, Faile, Loial, a handful of Aiel, and Aviendha set off to try to find Rand and return him to sanity. The rest of their armies, under the command of Davram Bashere try to catch Mazrim Taim.

And somewhere in the South/ West of the continent, the Seanchan invade the mainland again...

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