[sf-lug] Lately at Distrowatch, etc.

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Mon Mar 13 21:07:33 PDT 2023

Hi LUGers,

      Next SF-LUG meeting will be on Sunday August 2, 2023,
from 11 AM to 1 PM.  Tom Lopes was at Cafe Enchante on March 5
and the rest of the folks were at:

If the Membership wants the in person meetings to return then
they should support Tom in meeting at the Cafe and indicate
their intent here on line.

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                         Lately at Distrowatch.com

   2023-03-13 	NEW • Distribution Release: Kali Linux 2023.1
	Kali Linux is a Debian-based distribution with a
collection of security and forensics  tools. The project's latest 
release, Kali Linux 2023.1, introduces a few new features,
  including defensive (purple) tools and Python virtual environments.
  release notes at:<https://www.kali.org/blog/kali-linux-2023-1-release/>
    kali-linux-2023.1-installer-amd64.iso   (3,696MB)
     kali-linux-2023.1-live-amd64.iso (3,981MB) Uses systemd.


  2023-03-11 	NEW • BSD Release: helloSystem 0.8.1
	helloSystem is a FreeBSD-based, desktop-oriented operating system. The 
project seeks to provide a macOS-style desktop interface
and layout while using open source software. The project has
published an update to its 0.8.x series
which includes a number of bug fixes and improvements.


2023-03-10 	NEW • Distribution Release: siduction 22.1.1
	Ferdinand Thommes has announced the release of siduction 22.1.1,
an updated build of the project's distribution based on Debian's 
"unstable" branch and offering official variants with KDE Plasma, LXQt 
and Xfce desktops: Uses systemd. Release Notes at:


  2023-03-06 	DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 1009
       Review: Nemo Mobile and the PinePhone
       Many people awaiting the true Linux Phone will be interested
in this.  There is still plenty of room for improvement it seems.


     2023-03-06 	NEW • Distribution Release: LibreELEC 11.0.0
  	LibreELEC 11.0.0, a major new version from the project that develops 
a multi-platform Linux distribution centred around the
Kodi media centre, has been released. The new version updates Kodi
to version 20.0 and re-introduces support for older Amlogic devices:
release notes at https://libreelec.tv/2023/03/06/libreelec-nexus-11-0-0/
change log at 
      LibreELEC provides IMG images for Raspberry Pi, Allwinner, 
Rockchip, Amlogic, NXP and generic x86_64 devices, as well as
OVA images for VirtualBox. On Distrowatch.com is the link to the
generic x86_64 variant:      LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-11.0.0.img.gz 
(226MB).    And it uses systemd.


    2023-03-06 	NEW • Distribution Release: Rescuezilla 2.4.2
  	Shasheen Ediriweera has announced the release of Rescuezilla 2.4.2, 
the latest version of the project's "Swiss army knife of system 
recovery" based on Ubuntu  so of course it uses systemd. Distrowatch.com 
has the following files to download   (SHA256): 
rescuezilla-2.4.2-32bit.bionic.iso (809MB),
  rescuezilla-2.4.2-64bit.focal.iso (999MB),
  rescuezilla-2.4.2-64bit.jammy.iso (1,147MB),
  rescuezilla-2.4.2-64bit.kinetic.iso (1,152MB, pkglist).
Changelog is at 


     2023-03-06 	NEW • Distribution Release: Garuda Linux 230305
	Garuda Linux is a rolling distribution based on the Arch Linux 
operating system. the project's latest release, Garuda Linux 230305, 
features an improves interface for the setup assistant and replaces 
Latte-Dock with standard Plasma panels.
Uses systemd - iso file is 2.5 GB  -release notes at


	Well that is all for this week, so far.

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