[sf-lug] Meeting notes of March 5 2023-a

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Mar 5 20:38:30 PST 2023

On 3/5/23 19:23, aaronco36 at sdf.org wrote:
> Quoting Bobbie Sellers <bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com>:
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> Victor showed up around Noon. He was discussing the options of "ls",
> when he had time to talk to us.  I think Michael may have helped
> explicate the matter.  Possibly Ken put his valuable advice as
> well.
> Tom Lopes showed up.  From the Cafe Enchante.  Eventually he turned
> on his microphone.  He was still there when i left about 1304 to cook
> my lunch and do other food preparation.
> 1211 Aaron came by but not to be seen.  He did post some notes but
> I could not copy them from the screen for some reason.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Addenda...
> - IIRC, Victor also asked about free Redhat Linux-compatible distros to
> play around with and become proficient in.
> Two recommendations here were 1) AlmaLinux https://almalinux.org and 2)
> Rocky Linux https://rockylinux.org
> - Tom L has apparently been one of the first (and perhaps only?) person to
> attend SF-LUG's live meeting at Cafe Enchante ever since the Pandemic
> ended.

	Now actually we had a single meeting juit before Delta hit and stopped 
then.  I was there and so was Tom.  I guess you missed that meeting.  We 
had one or two other attendees.

	Since then my physical condition has gotten to the point that
I plan on attending only one more meeting to hand over club property
that I am holding.  I can wait until someone in San Francisco can take
over the job of attending every meeting.

> - Here are some of my saved comments and notes from the shared screen I
> set up...
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Several things going on here....and am currently reducing Jit.si Meet
> bandwidth by *not* using webcam and microphone.
> This Dell notebook: Our https://meet.jit.si/sf-lug.org meeting
> Dell SFF desktop: Zeroing out and badblocks-scanning a spinning-platter
> SATA hd
> Dell tower desktop: Installed and am using Virtualbox 7.0.6 on Devuan
> GNU+Linux, installed and am using the super-lightweight Openbox-based
> Debian GNU/Linux Lilidog Linux as a vbox 7.x guest, in the process of
> installing and compiling the latest GNU Emacs, and then going through the
> recently-released Linux From Scratch 11.3 as a vbox dual-boot with Lilidog
> Linux.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

	Though you shared the screen it could not be copied and i did not think 
to do a screen shot.
> As I successfully built GNU Emacs 28.2 from source, can now...
> + use Emacs' most typical command key-bindings except for the
> Super/"Windows" and Right Control keys
> + use the Super/"Windows" key with std characters in order to open various
> apps in Lilidog Linux's Openbox spin of Debian
> + use the Right Control key to modify Virtualbox 7.0.6 settings while the
> Lilidog guest OS is running
> :-)
> Am still going through the preparatory LFS 11.3 steps -- for the ultimate
> purpose of setting up a dual-boot vbox session w/ Lilidog -- even as I
> write this. Hope to complete this endeavor well-before v12 Bookworm is the
> next Stable Debian following v11 Bullseye (this Spring? this Summer?) but
> we'll see abt that <crossing fingers> :-|
> -A
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