[sf-lug] Meeting notes of March 5 2023-a

aaronco36 at sdf.org aaronco36 at sdf.org
Sun Mar 5 19:23:25 PST 2023

Quoting Bobbie Sellers <bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com>:
Victor showed up around Noon. He was discussing the options of "ls",
when he had time to talk to us.  I think Michael may have helped
explicate the matter.  Possibly Ken put his valuable advice as

Tom Lopes showed up.  From the Cafe Enchante.  Eventually he turned
on his microphone.  He was still there when i left about 1304 to cook
my lunch and do other food preparation.

1211 Aaron came by but not to be seen.  He did post some notes but
I could not copy them from the screen for some reason.

- IIRC, Victor also asked about free Redhat Linux-compatible distros to
play around with and become proficient in.
Two recommendations here were 1) AlmaLinux https://almalinux.org and 2)
Rocky Linux https://rockylinux.org

- Tom L has apparently been one of the first (and perhaps only?) person to
attend SF-LUG's live meeting at Cafe Enchante ever since the Pandemic

- Here are some of my saved comments and notes from the shared screen I
set up...
Several things going on here....and am currently reducing Jit.si Meet
bandwidth by *not* using webcam and microphone.
This Dell notebook: Our https://meet.jit.si/sf-lug.org meeting
Dell SFF desktop: Zeroing out and badblocks-scanning a spinning-platter
Dell tower desktop: Installed and am using Virtualbox 7.0.6 on Devuan
GNU+Linux, installed and am using the super-lightweight Openbox-based
Debian GNU/Linux Lilidog Linux as a vbox 7.x guest, in the process of
installing and compiling the latest GNU Emacs, and then going through the
recently-released Linux From Scratch 11.3 as a vbox dual-boot with Lilidog

As I successfully built GNU Emacs 28.2 from source, can now...
+ use Emacs' most typical command key-bindings except for the
Super/"Windows" and Right Control keys
+ use the Super/"Windows" key with std characters in order to open various
apps in Lilidog Linux's Openbox spin of Debian
+ use the Right Control key to modify Virtualbox 7.0.6 settings while the
Lilidog guest OS is running

Am still going through the preparatory LFS 11.3 steps -- for the ultimate
purpose of setting up a dual-boot vbox session w/ Lilidog -- even as I
write this. Hope to complete this endeavor well-before v12 Bookworm is the
next Stable Debian following v11 Bullseye (this Spring? this Summer?) but
we'll see abt that <crossing fingers> :-|


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