[sf-lug] Samsung Chromebooks

Ronald Barnes ron at ronaldbarnes.ca
Sat Feb 18 11:18:47 PST 2023

Mike Higashi wrote on 18/02/2023 05.49:

> https://www.ifixit.com/News/43450/how-to-reset-a-managed-chromebook-and-avoid-enterprise-enrollment-you-cant

> If a Chromebook was previously part of a managed system at a school,
> business, or some other organization, it may be “enrolled.” Enrolled
> Chromebooks, sometimes described as having “Enterprise Enrollment,”
> or being “managed,” limit who can sign into them, restrict settings
> and sites, and may have pre-installed extensions or apps. They are
> generally are not a useful Chromebook to somebody outside the
> organization.
> The most reliable way to un-enroll a Chromebook is to contact the
> previous institution that owned it and ask for it to be removed.

That sounds exactly like the situation that Apple has recently been 
criticized for - it destroys the reseller market leading to a large 
increase of e-waste.  (So they say.)

> If you do find yourself with an enrolled Chromebook, and know the
> school or organization it came from, have your device’s serial number
> handy. You might get a positive response. Un-enrolling a device can
> free up a license for that organization, possibly saving them money
> or expanding their fleet.

That's an interesting angle.

With the Apple situation, it's described as Org1 contracts Org2 to come 
get all their old equipment.

Org2 may then sell the equipment forward to Org3 (maybe a charity or 

Original Org1 would not know who Org3 is, has no relationship with them, 
may well be skeptical of anyone asking them to un-enroll old equipment, 
and probably wouldn't have any reason to do the significant work 
required to un-enroll everything.

Ta-da: usable computers are now, at best, parts.  Probably garbage.


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