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> If a Chromebook was previously part of a managed system at a school,
business, or some other organization, it may be “enrolled.” Enrolled
Chromebooks, sometimes described as having “Enterprise Enrollment,” or
being “managed,” limit who can sign into them, restrict settings and sites,
and may have pre-installed extensions or apps. They are generally are not a
useful Chromebook to somebody outside the organization.

> The most reliable way to un-enroll a Chromebook is to contact the
previous institution that owned it and ask for it to be removed.

> If you do find yourself with an enrolled Chromebook, and know the school
or organization it came from, have your device’s serial number handy. You
might get a positive response. Un-enrolling a device can free up a license
for that organization, possibly saving them money or expanding their fleet.

Best of luck,

On Fri, Feb 17, 2023, 4:30 PM John Strazzarino <jstrazzarino at gmail.com>

> This is a bit off topic but let’s see how it goes
> I am helping out a school who just got a load of Chromebooks,  model
> XE303C12.  When you boot these machines, it asks for a login at the domain,
> Cal1.caacademy.org.  Of course, there is no one who has any idea of a
> login or password.
> Looking at the internet, it talks about removing the battery or power
> washing the machine.  I’ve tried everything I can think of, but no
> luck.Someone even suggested trying to load windows 10 on the machine, but I
> doubt it has enough power.
> Anybody out there have any good ideas?
> thanks
> John
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