[sf-lug] Meeting notes and Lately at Distrowatch

Ken Shaffer kenshaffer80 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 18:13:26 PST 2023

Attendees:Ron bc, Ken  Victor, Jonathan, Tom, Arron, ...
Ron mentioned codium and pycharm as possible productivity tools
for python development, and Ken downloaded the tar balls.  Ken found the pycharm
terms of use seemed a bit snoopy, so locally installed the VScode.

Ken spent some time getting the ssd in a disk caddy transferred from
his fried Lenovo to an old Toshiba.  Turns out the hardest thing
was getting the UEFI boot default to be ubuntu instead of Windows.
The UEFI part seemed to work, efibootmgr wouild change the bootorder,
but rebooting, the default was Windows again. Can't blame Windows for
this behavior, since it never ran.  One solution would be to simply copy
shimx64.efi over the bootmgfw.efi, but Ken found that using Windows'
bcdeditor allowed a change of {bootmgr} to shim.  bcdedit /enum
showed the change was proper, but trying to boot it resulted in
a complaint of a garbled path, looked like shimx64.efi got cut off at
the initial s.  Anyway, the boot then used the "default" bootloader,
which is probably the device bootloader in EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi,
and since that was shim, grub came up, and everything worked as desired,
even booting Windows.

Jonathan has 6 months to find a replacement for shopify for his web site.

Tom showed a framework laptop disassembly video. It make replacement of parts
easy. He likes the one he got, with an i5 Intel 12th gen.

Please feel free to make additions and/or corrections to what I remember.

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