[sf-lug] 20220703 Meetup follow-up

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Thu Jul 14 14:07:51 PDT 2022

On 7/3/22 14:18, Alex Kleider wrote:
> re: "Linux distro I might like..."
> There are so many out there & I have yet to understand what advantage 
> any of them provide over the Debian XFCE version.

	Well that may depend on your personality more than the facilities 
offered by any distribution.  I am somewhat bohemian
and impoverished but I want new things.  I get up-to-date kernels
on PCLinuxOS 64 currently at 5.18.11 and if sometimes they don't
seem to work quite right I have clearly labeled in Grub2 fallback
versions.  So if I can boot up I can report the problem on the
forum where packagers and coders are happy to hear of problems
and may have recompiled kernels and other packages out nearly
as fast as I can report my problms

	Now Debian is not quite so quick to adopt new kernels
but for interest what does "uname -a" give you on your updated
(one supposes) system.

Bobbie Sellers aka
	bliss - brought to you by the power and ease of PCLinuxOS
	      the Perfect Computer Linus Opeating System(for me),
                  and a minor case of hypergraphia

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