[sf-lug] Next meeting will be on Sunday July 3, 2022 and a little news.

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Thu Jun 30 17:15:44 PDT 2022

Hi LUGers,

     Well the meeting will be at <https://meet.jit.si/sf-lug.org>
from about 11 AM to approximately 1 PM.  I hope that people will find
the time to attend.  If you want to meet in person I hope you can.
I hope to get up on Sunday morning and not fall asleep before the meeting.

A little news:
	I had a meeting with Mikki McGuire and helped her with the
new Dell Ryzen powered machine she bought about 2 years back.  She
came over to my studio apartment and I managed to get her over-magnified
display reduced to usable size and demonstrated how to get answers
for her remaining problems from the Internet,  It took us several
attempts to get together due to the heat wave and our individual
illnesses we are experiencing.

     Bobbie Sellers

lately on Distrowatch.com

The Weekly newsletter:
at  <https://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20220627>
has a review of Alma Linux and some interesting other matters.


2022-06-29 	NEW • Distribution Release: UBports 16.04 OTA-23
UBports is a community-run comtinuation of Canonical's Ubuntu Touch 
mobile operating system. The project has published a new update: UBports 
16.04 OTA-23. The new release offers improved video decoding, better MMS 
message handling, and fixes a problem where known wi-fi passwords would 
sometimes be prompted for again


2022-06-30 NEW • Distribution Release: Univention Corporate Server 5.0-2

  	Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an enterprise-class distribution 
based on Debian GNU/Linux. It features an integrated management system 
for central administration of servers. The distribution's latest update 
includes improved virtual local area network (VLAN) management:


2022-06-25 	NEW • Distribution Release: EndeavourOS 22.6
[ 	Bryan Poerwo has announced the release of EndeavourOS 22.6, the 
latest stable version of the project's Arch-based, "terminal-centric" 
Linux distribution featuring a customised Xfce desktop. Code-named 
"Artemis", the new release brings an improved support for the ARM 

2022-06-24 	NEW • Distribution Release: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4
      SUSE has announced the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) 15 
SP4, the fourth service pack of the company's enterprise-class Linux 
distribution designed mainly for developers and administrators to deploy 
business-critical workloads. The new service package includes extended 
search for packages across repositories (even those not enabled) and 389 
Directory Server replaces OpenLDAP


2022-06-22 	NEW • Distribution Release: TrueNAS 22.02.2 "SCALE"
  	iXsystems has announced the release of TrueNAS SCALE, version 
22.02.2. The new release of this network attached storage platform 
improves deduplication performance, allows multiple containers to use 
the same Intel GPU, and improves the pool importing process.


2022-06-22 	NEW • Distribution Release: KaOS 2022.06
  	KaOS is an independent, rolling release distribution which focuses on 
providing a polished KDE/Qt desktop environment and associated 
applications. The project's latest snapshot is KaOS 22.06 which ships 
with KDE Plasma 5.25 and an updated Calamares system installer

bliss - brought to you by the power and ease of PCLinuxOS,
        the Perfect Computer(for me) Linux Operating System,
             and a minor case of hypergraphia.

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