[sf-lug] BALUG: meeting: Tu 2022-06-21: Discussion, etc.: (DNS add/drop zones dynamically with mini-demo, general discussions, stories, Q&A, ...)

Ronald Barnes ron at ronaldbarnes.ca
Wed Jun 22 21:49:11 PDT 2022

Michael Paoli wrote on 2022-06-22 21:01:

> Maybe if/when such happens again, at least put something in the
> text chat - not only should all (at least via web or app) be able to
> see those, but I think by default they also give some audio indication
> that a new bit of chat has been posted.

That's what's especially weird - I first posted in chat around 18:40, 
then again at 19:00.

I considered closing out and re-joining. That probably would've helped.

But then aaronco36 showed up with "Video blocked due to bandwidth" 
message and I figured the restaurant just didn't have enough to go live.

Oh well.

I saw your post on Jitsi about the split-brain syndrome when looking 
into it later.

They claim they had it fixed, that it corrects itself within a few minutes.

Apparently not.



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