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This post of yours should be pinned on Mint's website.
Most of the points you raised are exactly the ones that made me give up on
Ubuntu proper and variously, Fedora and Arch-based distros.

I have a real need to hibernate my work laptops at least once a day and
Ubuntu Mate/Xfce 16.04 made that easy, not so much 18.04 or 20.04.
Mint. being based on Ubuntu carried the same issues with hibernating in
their 19 & 20 editions.

Mint's LMDE on the other hand, being based on Debian proper, well I have my
hibernate and am very happy.
Mint's LMDE5 has been a stellar performer for me on 10yo and 5yo laptops. I
miss being able to do PPAs though.

If hibernation is not a requirement, Mint Cinnamon is awesomely easy to set
up, stable and predictable. It's supported for 5 years. Hard to beat.
They get my money every year. I am unabashedly a Mint fanboy:-)


Ron S.

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