[sf-lug] File Permissions - surprises

Ronald Barnes ron at ronaldbarnes.ca
Tue Jun 7 20:58:55 PDT 2022

Michael Paoli wrote on 2022-06-07 19:53:

> Been there, done that.
> https://www.mpaoli.net/~michael/linux/permissions.html

Well, *that* was interesting and informative.

During the podcast, I was surprised that a user with no user nor group 
permissions at all on a file can move / rename the file.

Turns out, that action is dependent on the directory's permissions.

Thanks for the info, Michael.  Bookmarked.

And, for the record, I've felt reasonably knowledgeable about file 
permissions for quite a while and can't recall the last time I've 
struggled with them.   However,...


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